ManageSoft Integrates Enterprise Compliance Manager into VMWare ESX Server

Boston-based ManageSoft announced today it now supports VMware ESX Server with its Enterprise Compliance Manager software that enables its customers to fill the license compliance chasm created by the virtualization wave. This software provides a path to resolution for companies embracing application and server virtualization, but concerned about software publishers’ licensing policies.


ManageSoft claims vendors’ application licensing rules have gotten so complex that most enterprise customers can expect to be out of license compliance without an automated tracking system.

“Virtualization of servers and applications has created a large productivity and efficiency leap, but by the same measure has grown into a viral license compliance liability that customers must address,” noted Steve Butler, president and CEO of ManageSoft. “ManageSoft is the cure to get customers back in the driver’s seat for enterprise license compliance.”

Enterprise Compliance Manager’s license tracking now spans all corners of the physical and virtual enterprise from laptops, desktops, to the data center,” added Alan Swahn, ManageSoft’s vice president of marketing and business development. “Proper license entitlement has always been our strength and our competitors’ weakness. We have built an even higher wall by seamlessly handling both physical and virtual systems.”


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