Virtualization Comes In Many Flavors

Interesting article from ‘The Virtual Man’ Daniel Kusnetzky, President and Principal Analyst of Kusnetzky Group LLC and blogger at ZDNet. At a conference, he was asked by a group of attendees what he did for a living, and after a short explanation about his company he went on to explain virtualization technology.

Kusnetzky discussed the typical goals organizations have when they acquire and then deploy various types of virtualization technology, like:

  • Being able to access applications and data from just about anywhere using just about any networkable device
  • Being able to run applications or, in fact, full workloads without being concered about potential incompatibilities steming from different versions of operating systems, development tools or application frameworks
  • Being able to safely and securely access complex organizational networks
  • Being able to access applications and data even if they were stored in a datacenter halfway around the world
  • Being able to process applications faster or support more people’s work than any single reasonably priced system could manage
  • Being able to continue operations even if some component failed

Kusnetzky asks: “If you where put on the spot and asked to explain all of the different layers of technology and all of the different uses of virtualization, what would you say?”

Why don’t you go tell him? :)

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