Sun Aims To Virtualize Web 2.0 Startups. From LAMP to SAMP?

Sun MicroSystems aims to equip the next generation of Internet companies (read: Web 2.0 startups) with its hardware and software and will offer virtualization products to help them keep their costs to a minimum, make their data centers more flexible, and give developers multiple target environments.


“You can see a connection to developing under VirtualBox and moving the software to a server running xVM,” Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz said; “xVM is Sun’s Xen-based hypervisor, due in June. Sun views a virtualized development environment as a way to capture developer loyalty. The company already offers developers incentives to use Java, namely its NetBeans tools and the PHP, Ruby, and Perl scripting languages through the Sun Developer Network. It registered an additional 1 million developers on its network in 2007″, Schwartz said, “and building a relationship with those developers is key to getting more of its software into Web 2.0 companies”.

As Sun is set to acquire open source relational database MySQL, the company seems determined to turn “LAMP” (which stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PPHP / Perl) into “SAMP”, evidently substituting Linux for Solaris in the pet name for every open source developer’s favorite tool set.

Sun also has a special program with custom offerings for startups dubbed Startup Essentials, which it has recently expanded to Canada, France and Germany.

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[Via InformationWeek]

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